to instant voice to voice translation in 30 languages.

V2V for Business Interested in using real-time voice translation in your business ? Learn more
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It's simple - just hold & speak to translate to

Have a hassle-free conversation - no typing required !

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Conversations are saved automatically

You don't have to remember the directions to the great cafe somebody recommended on the street. Simply open the right conversation.

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Voice Translator for Travel

Checking in to Airbnb? Asking for directions? Interested in local tips? Whether you need to solve ad-hoc situations or build a friendship, understand and enjoy conversations in any language. Experience new countries like a local!

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Real-time translation for business conversations

Venturing out or testing new markets for your business? Have a direct conversation without the assistance of translator. Talk to professionals, distributors, clients or vendors abroad. Use our Voice Translator as a backup if you're not fluent in a foreign language.

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Learn a new language faster with voice translator

Learning a new language is challenging. Save time and use your own voice to translate words or sentences you don't understand yet. Build up vocabulary and refine your pronunciation. Easily access backlog for a chronological overview.

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